What makes RoboThink programs the best?

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There are many different robotics and coding programs in your community. What makes RoboThink’s programs unique and better?

1 One-of-a-kind Robotics Hardware

Look around and almost certainly, the robotics and coding program in your area will be based off of the LEGO® robotics platform. Many STEM providers simply purchase or re-use off-the-shelf LEGO® kits and publicly available LEGO® curriculum to run programs. Although these programs are fun, they are introductory in nature and does not have the same depth or academic reach of RoboThink’s programs. RoboThink uses a proprietary robotics platform that is easier to use, developmental and more capable for kids.

2 Kid-Friendly Learning System

Our robotics hardware allows kids as young as age 5 to use motors and sensors in our programs. We’ve patented and manufacture a unique robotics hardware system that makes sure that all parts are modular. Whether dealing with electronics, blocks or gears, all parts do not require special connectors or advanced know-how to use. 

3 Focused on fun… and academics!

Robotics programs are fun but academic focused. We have invested significant resources in self-publishing our own unique leveled workbooks exclusively for our STEM programs. Compare our extensive robotics and coding curriculum to other STEM programs in your area and you’ll see the difference! Shown below is a small excerpt from our coding program workbook. Notice the colorful and kid-friendly structure of the workbooks and how we introduce concepts!Pages from Level 2_Page_5Pages from Level 2_Page_43/9

4 Commitment to Ongoing Research

RoboThink maintains a full-time research and development team creating new curriculum, robotics hardware, education software and multi-media that makes our programs simply the best in the STEM education industry. 

LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies.

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